The Meaning Behind the Money Tree

The meaning behind money trees can be traced back to ancient Chinese folklore, where it is believed that a money tree brings fortune and wealth to its owner. The name "money tree" itself stems from the shape of its leaves, which resemble coins. They are commonly represented with a braided trunk that can be interpreted as a symbol of unity and an unbreakable bond. In feng shui, the practice of harmonizing energy in the environment, money trees are placed in the wealth corner of a home or office to attract abundance and positive energy. The lasting effect this tree has on a home goes without saying, their timeless look and easy to care for instructions makes it nearly impossible to wither; those who lack a “green thumb” can look no further, SendPlants has the tree for them. These plants also have the capability of purifying the air, so throw out those burdensome plastic purifiers and inhabit your home with its natural equivalent.